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Dec 16, 2006

Santa's List (Attention Kerri and Alicia!)

Around our house there is a lot of talk about Santa and when he is coming. We have not one, but two, count down calendars. The homemade, quilted tree that we decorate nightly with a new ornament and the box that my sister sent, personalized with our name, each drawer with a chocolate kiss for each child. The kids love this Christmas tradition and look forward to doing the calendars each night. Getting ready for bed never happens faster than during the 24 days leading up to the big day. They all have to be clad in pajamas to do the calendar, so it's a race after dinner to see who can get ready first and then they all hop around waiting for everybody else. And, as a side note it's nice to know that we have dental insurance and can provide our dentist with years of care since we send them to bed each night with chocolate filled teeth...

This morning Mia decided that she really needed to ask Santa for some coloring books so she sat a the table and dictated a letter that Grace wrote for her in her very best kindergarten spelling. They addressed it and put on a sticker (letters to Santa do not require postage) and placed it into the outgoing mail. Sooo cute! I only wish that Santa would return some of those letters for us to keep...

Abe decided that Santa had already delivered a gift for him as he announced 'Santa gave me a cold'. I think, perhaps, that the concept of getting things from Santa may still be a little fuzzy for him.

Gus is clearly requesting one item and one item only, or maybe I should say one theme only.
BIONICLE! That's it. These days it is what he wants 24/7.

Jack is still trying to decide weather or not he may be on the naughty or nice team, but he continues to work hard towards the nice side. He has, however, been keeping track of which team all of his siblings are on. Jack has also decided that he now will be asking Santa for an electric guitar and a dinosaur that turns into a car...now where did these ideas come from??? These requests have elicited the ' Well, you know, it might be a little late to ask Santa for those things- he might already be done with your gifts...' Hmmm...

Gracie remains rather wishy washy about her request for a particular gift because she wants so many different things, but thankfully says that she will be happy if she gets toys for Christmas. Love, that!

Leo has decided that he only wants big ticket items this year. On his list is a PC computer- we have Mac's and he wants to be able to play computer games that are only for a PC- a pocket Dish- I think this is like your own satellite TV that fits into your pocket??? Like we would approve of that... a fly pen computer (pen\computer thingy) and a newer Game boy. Santa has always come through for him in the past even with things that we didn't approve of, so, we shall see.

The babes...well, they are easy. No requests from them and they will be thrilled to just try and ingest as much wrapping paper and remnants of tissue that they can find.

And now it is time to get the lights on the tree- we did the outside of the house early in the month and are rather late with the tree this year... I'll try and get a picture of the kids doing the calendar posted soon, I love how they all gather around with Leo in charge...

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Sheesha said...

Thanks Tricia! I hope I don't have to wait another 6 days for an update! But tis the season - I'll understand... Good luck with the wish lists! My Kari has only asked for things on my list so she can give them to me.... And Kyle is right there with Jack. We'll see.