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Jan 16, 2008

Short Update

Washing machine is fixed- laundry, not done. What else is new? The repair person came out last Thursday and replaced the pump- which the guy could have done two weeks ago- hmmmm... Oh, well.

Heater is supposed to be fixed tomorrow. Hoping this is true. The carbon monoxide issue does make me a little nervous...

Julia's stitches come out Friday morning- Ohhh, she's gonna be pissed to be held down again... not looking forward to it. I am not attempting to take them out on my own since they are close to her eye, she's not quite two, and the stitches are tiny and taught.

And yesterday, Abe thought that making cool tracks on the side of the van with his cars was very neato- I didn't discover the highway on the side of the van until this morning. ... It's only a car...

I may get a bit of a baby fix tomorrow. My cousin is in town visiting her mother. She has a five month old who has never slept longer than two hours, since he was born, and only naps during the day if she is actively pushing him in the stroller or driving him around town. She was in the car from 4-6 this morning. The poor thing is exhausted- both mother and child, actually. I tried to convince her to let me have him for the night, just so she could get a full nights sleep, but I don't think she'll do it. I might get him for a few hours tomorrow, so she can go out for a peaceful lunch or anything... we have some good sleep mojo at this house. We shall see. He's a huge baby- 20 lbs already- all cheeks!

I almost forgot, we haven't replaced the mop yet, but I have scrubbed a few floors on my hands and knees!


Wendy said...

I have one of those babies that would only nap during the day if next to a warm body- and NEVER in the car. The sling has been my saving grace. Well, that and boobs... :)

Been reading you for a few months and enjoying it!

gwendomama said...

your cousin is probably just like me and will not listen to you if it is her first. but let me tell you...if i had to do it over again with bubbles i would have given him the gift of teaching himself how to fall asleep. even if it meant crying it out as an infant. because it would have. but i couldn't do it. but his personality is just different from my vision....oof course it is...but he has never slept for more than 4 hours and he is 2yrs old.
I am teaching him how to go to sleep and we need freaking early intervention to HELP US - and he is my 3rd kid; i am not a fool! But i didn't get it then. His lack of sleep has disrupted our entire family in our small house.
Teach that baby to sleep when he is an infant and can't hold it against you, mama!!! ;)

Tricia said...

My cousin asked, pleadingly, "when will it end?"

I said- "it won't, but you'll live through it and eventually it will change...meanwhile you need to take advantage of any break you can get."

It's her first- our first was the same until we could not stand it anymore... he cried, one night, several times, and that was it. Excruciating, but worth it.