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Jan 23, 2008

Railroad Crossing

Let's just set the scene.

We're traveling across the railroad tracks, on our way home. Not our usual path...

Bumpity bump over the tracks (it's a fifteen passenger van, not a whole lot of comfort ride here).

Mia giggles. "Tee, Hee, Hee..."

"What are you laughing at, Mia?"

"That tickled" she says.

"The train tracks?"

"Yeah, the train tracks tickled me...they tickled my vagina."

"Your vagina?"

"Yeah, my vagina, it tickles me all the day."

"Allrighty then"


MommyNay said...

oy! I tell yah Olivia went through a phase where she just *couldnt* stop talking about hers. I was thankful we choose to use the word "vuvla" and noone couldnt understand what she was saying referring to as it wasnt as expected as "vagina"

Tracey said...

Oh Lordy...

mrsbluemont of ourbabyblue.wordpress.com said...

how funny! i'm new to your blog and have a lot of reading to do. you have such a lovely family. ox

gwendomama said...

ohlordy is right.
when i was in (womens') college, there was a certain hill we would drive down for a thrill every now and then. It was VERY steep, with a lovely little dip near the bottom. we vowed never to tell any man how easily one could get turned on if they ventured down this hill..i figure i'm still safe since dh doesn't read blogs.
anyhoo....i've probably said too much. but if you ever go to mills...contact me.

Steph said...

HA! Already aware of the warm fuzzy feeling in her girly parts. Should be an interesting adolescence (0:

Tricia said...

We always use the correct part names- too many years of "oh, so and so won't make a good witness (against her abuser) because she calls her vagina a peach".

G- We lived in Oakland for 6 months or so until K dropped out of Mills... Hmmm... I don't remember such a hill. (although we were still in the honeymoon phase back then and had our own... ahem..."hills" to explore.);)

Steph- Oi! Yeah, she is the one we are already worried about raising her children...

the fruitfemme said...

Great post!! Tee Hee Hee!

MommyNay said...

Tricia, if we are getting technical "vulva" is the "correct" term for the external female anatomy!
The vagina is whats on the inside. *wink*

Tricia said...

mommynay- well of course, sorry I didn't mean to imply otherwise... just explaining, you know :)

Nicki Mann said...

Well. How nice for Mia!

kel said...

Thats great... I love what kids come up with.