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Jan 13, 2008

The Latest Pajama Accessory

When you're all ready for bed, but get hit in the head by a door and end up in the emergency room for six stitches, they give you fancy anklets right on top of your pj's!

She did fabulously- except of course when they draped her head and we had to hold her tight- screaming and crying. Hard to watch your child hurting and angry. Good thing this wasn't the first time for stitches. We're old pro's now...I think it was our seventh trip to the e.r. for stitches.


Tracey said...

Oh! Poor baby! Sorry you guys had to go to the e.r. I hate taking the kids there...

MommyNay said...

*seventh* oh my word, is this what I have to look forward too? yowzers. So far none of mine have needed stitiches, Im sure now that I toss this out in the universe its only a matter of time.....

shes so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I still need to catch up, but wanted to say "HI!" Just wanted you to know that I'm reading again.

I've missed ya!


Melissa said...

Hi Tricia,

Glad you like the Mary Tyler Moore Badge! Thanks for the comment!
(Now *I'm* the one who's a bit late ;) )

Glad everything worked out ok in the ER.

Sparkliesunshine said...

Just found your site and wanted to say, "Hello!"

Also I am glad your little one is doing alright. I would have reacted the same way. I hate stitches.

Tricia said...

She's healing well- stitches come out on Friday morning. She loves to finger it and say "Ouch"!