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Jan 3, 2008

Random Conversation with Abe

We're on storm watch around these parts. STORM 2008 is on it's way. We've stocked up on fuel, water, batteries, canned soup, etc. Surely the wind will blow, the rain will pour and we will all suffer for days on end.

The dramatics of tv weather forecasters, I tell ya.

So yesterday was full of outdoor duties in preparation for STORM 2008. The Christmas lights were all taken down and put away and the backyard spiffed up. Leaves raked, the blower was in action, I even cleaned around the pool.

Abe is always willing to help out in the yard. He grabs a long stick and blows along side me, sweeps, plays in the dirt, and best of all, jumps in the yard waste can so we can squash in more leaves. In the middle of all this he announces "Mama we are all smart in our family, cuz we use our brains and they tell us what to do".
"Uh huh" I respond, wisely.
"And Mama, we're all smart and handsome in our family".
"Absolutely, Abe, we are all smart and handsome in our family".
"Yep", he says to himself, as he wanders off towards the side yard.

He stops, turns, cocks his head and squints his eyes, "But Mama, our family is really LOUD, we make a lot of noise".

"That's true, Abe, that's true..."

P.S. While the heat is not fixed I figured out how to re-able it so that it works. We are only using it during the day...still waiting for parts.

Edited to add: There's half a redwood tree in the pool, the lights have been flickering (the kids just don't get it...) all morning, the monster basketball hoop is knocked over, and yes, it's raining. I guess it really is a storm. (9:12 am 1/4)

And again: No power for 20 hours, trees down everywhere...okay, okay it was a storm!


Sheesha said...

It's 1:03 PM and our power just came back on after 30 hours without! And what have Kevin and Kyle been doing in the 45 minutes since it came back - playing Wii....Where are their priorities?

Tricia said...

Sheesha... and your on the computer...;)

Sheesha said...

Yes, but I had in that 45 minutes already started a load of laundry, folded what was in the dryer and started the dishwasher.....Before sitting down to the computer!....Oh and since we pulled out the refrigerator to pull into the generator - I had also swept and mopped behind it!

Sheesha said...

Yes, I meant plug not pull - you knew that though, right?!

blahblahblah said...

Hang in there through this crazy weather! I hope you all are okay. Thinking of you and Abe is SO cute. So, so, so cute. And observant.

Nicki Mann said...

Abe sure loves his family, huh!

JUST A MOM said...

We have ALWAYS BEEN THE LOUD FAMILY sad isn't it or is it?? Hope things get beter soon.

TruLove said...

I laughed reading the beginning of your blog. We were commenting on Thursday about this "big" storm. Yadda yadda yadda...then 3 am! BANG! I made the stock up trip in the 66 mile an hour winds! And we never lost power!

JUST A MOM said...

Stop by got somthin for ya