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Jan 11, 2008

Driving Rant

Everyday, twice, sometimes three times, a day I drive through he same intersection.
There are four lanes. Two go straight and two turn left- TWO turn left! I mostly turn from a center lane, not the far left lane, but both are left turn lanes- both of them!

Twice a week, at least, someone in the far left lane turns left and immediately cuts me off and comes into my turn lane. I'm very careful, because I know to expect this, but after this happening over and over again, I have begun to beep my horn. I assume most of the people are like me and follow the same route day after day and they need to realize that they are cutting me off and causing a potential accident.

So today, this morning, it happens again. Feeling particularly frustrated that this occurs all the time I laid on the horn. This is what horns are for, yes? I admit I held it probably a bit longer than necessary, but the little toots don't seem to be cutting it.

The driver responds by going into the far right lane rolling down his window and yelling at me while flipping me the bird- I roll my window down shaking my head back and forth and hold up- clearly- two fingers and yell back (you know, so he could hear me...) "there are two lanes, two, that turn, you came into my lane and could have caused an accident". He continues to flip me off and says "yeah, your horn looks real nice, stick it up your ass". We are at the next stop light by now and stopped right next to each other. I repeat- "sir, there are two turn lanes you veered into mine when you turned- it could cause an accident". He "Fuck off, you and your horn".

Now, the light is green. I shake my head and move on... What the hell???


Tracey said...

I swear, if you give some people a vehicle, they get all caveman on you. They lose all sense of manners and intelligence...

~*~Hallie~*~ said...

Grr! I totally understand! I live in a small town with LOTS of country bumpkins (who I love most the time), but who CANNOT drive. They will pull out right in front of me (when no car is coming behind me), stop in the middle of the road to pick up a friend they know, or, which happens A LOT, stop in the road to talk to someone in a car going the opposite way, therfore stopping traffic in both lanes! What are with people??? I feel like I'm the only sane one sometimes that knows HOW to DRIVE. Maybe I should have written my own blog, instead of such a looong comment on yours, lol.:) Glad to see an update!
Oh, and BTW, my horn is broken...but I will not be using my finger, lol. I just sort of scream at them inside my car. Ha!

poet said...

here from rsg's blogroll. i drive for a living. that would drive me crazy, people cutting me off. i live in a small city, we do not have 2 left hand turn lane intersections; but someitmes you'd think we did.

i'll be back. have a nice weekend.