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Jul 19, 2007

Parental Advantage

So, it's near bedtime last night when the kids ask if they can watch a movie before bed. Käri and I agree and stipulate that they will only be able to watch a bit before they turn in. No problem. Now for the movie choices. Gus suggests Treasure Planet- a fun flick- but, we have recently received a movie by mail, Herbie Goes Bananas. Pro's and con's are weighed heavily, arguments as to the merits of one over the other. Meanwhile, Abe and Mia have to go to bed, oops, there is always another day. Finally Käri decides to put both movies behind her back and I get to choose which hand. She motions with her right arm, so I will pick right (she wanted Herbie!). I, of course, think to myself 'okay, that arm, which is her right, but my left, so I'll choose left...right?' It's just like laying on the chiropractors table- suddenly I can't remember right and left, it's the damnedest thing. Anywho, of course now I've selected the wrong hand so Käri switches them behind her back and pulls out Herbie! Surprise!

The kids are fine with the choice and run upstairs to put on pajamas. Grace and Gus, properly clad in pj's come quietly to my side and report that in fact 'Mommy cheated'. What? I am properly aghast and send them to talk with Mommy- trying oh, so hard not to laugh. Käri catches the drift and is aware of what's coming. She is prepared with a plausible excuse for the excess noise produced when she pulled the movie out from behind her back and in Herbie goes. Grace is the only one who can't quite let it go and mutters "but, she did, she switched them, I heard her"...

Are they really that old? No more switcheroo behind the back trick?? What's next...?

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Anonymous said...

You and Kari (can't spell it right on this keyboard) are quite an inspiration. My partner and I are 26 and 27 and are planning to adopt and get pregnant in the next 5 years. I have been reading blogs of moms with adopted kids but yours is the first I've found that is a blog with more than 2 adopted kids and lesbian moms! Thank you for sharing.