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Jul 15, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Good News: The laptop is back!

Bad News: The hard drive had to be replaced, which means we lost everything!

Good News: Leo, Grace, and Gus have finished their theater production and they were simply fabulous!

Bad News: Grace and Gus no longer have theater practice. Which means, they have no schedule to their days.

Good News: Leo was invited to join the 12-18 year old cast of a Shakespeare play (he's 11), auditioned, and is playing a major role.

Bad News: Leo has to memorize Shakespeare.

Good News: There are five weeks of summer left.

Bad News; There are five weeks of sumer left. Which means, we only get Käri for another two or three...

1 comment:

elena jane said...

sorry about the losses on the laptop :( congrats to leo for the play, that's awesome!!