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Jul 27, 2007


In other words, Greetings! The Latin translation, anyway.

I was a bit tense waiting for Leo's premiere of Shakespeare. He was just fabulous! He's never nervous and is always good, but in the last play he was an elephant, before that Snoopy...never a Shakespearean Friar. One performance down and two to go. He's half the size of most of the cast, but delivers his lines with finesse, he is the character. So amazing to me. And, I'm so glad he discovered this love and talent for the theater.

He has never been a sports fan, and in fact, just doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. He recently asked just that. "Why are most boys so crazy about sports?" It was an odd question to answer. We talked about the competition piece, that sports are something safe to enjoy... and then I was at a loss. The conversation then revolved around the theme of believing in yourself and being proud of your strengths. He's already figured out that the popular girls gossip and the popular boys are the jocks... It's hard to sit back and watch the beginnings of middle school angst.

Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with strep throat and an ear infection on Tuesday. Since then, the kids have fallen, one by one, to strep throat. Thankfully, our pediatrician knows us well enough that after the first one was also diagnosed, we get to just call in when the others have become symptomatic. Mia and Abe are the only ones who has yet to succumb.

However, Abe went in for tubes yesterday morning, so he is on antibiotics since there was much pus discovered behind one of his eardrums. Needless to say, we have been laying low, watching videos and hanging about the house. Lot's of pudding and Popsicle's this week. And a little cup of pink medicine at every meal for the next ten days..

edited to add- forgot to post this for a day or so


Sheesha said...

Oh yuck! I myself have been down with something....Woke up Friday morning with only one eye opening and a bunch of yuck in the other one. I was able to call my doctor and have a presciption called in for drops - then Saturday morning woke up to the sore throat.....I was feeling better yesterday - and today the sore throat is back with a headache...Bummer! Best part of course is that it's still only me? How is that? The only place I've been was Trader Joe's on Thursday. Did I pick it up there?...Crazy !.....

Bacchus said...

Thanks for the comment and the visit. We have sort of left the door open for siblings but we won't be actively looking for more. Right now we would only be able to take a sibling if it is a boy (they could share a room) and we are looking for a bigger home.