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Jul 31, 2007

69 Today

I find it hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close. I swear we just got out of school. Is it because I'm getting older or all the kids and so much to keep up with? Perhaps the combination. Whose to say???

My mom was just here for a few days to see Leo in his performance and hang out with the kids. She couldn't not clean while she was here. And while I suppose I shouldn't complain, it can be so annoying.

I was raised in a 'everything has it's place' kind of house and I used to be extremely anal about having things neat and clean in in my own house. As our own family grew I began to let go of a lot of that. It still bothers me that I have stacks on the counters, dishes in the drying rack for days at a time and toys everywhere. Not to mention that the bathrooms aren't as clean as they should be, my cabinets remain unorganized, and my refrigerator somewhat dirty. Oh, it's there, and I look forward to the day when my dining room table is not an extension of the laundry room, but an actual place to sit and eat. But, for now, it's the way it is. I could choose to stay up to all hours keeping everything neat and tidy, but I refuse. See, I like to sleep and I like to have my time at the end of the day. Time that is spent sitting and staring at pages of print, t.v., or the computer, not a sponge in one hand and a dust mop in the other. We don't live in a sty, but there is always something (sometimes many things) that can be cleaned up.

So, when my mom arrived we were in the middle of the Strep plague, of course. Every time she comes, she goes home and gets sick... She thought she'd help out by cleaning upstairs, which means all the kids bedrooms and the family room. I tried to convince her to read a book with the kids, play a game, go swimming, but she persisted. She vacuumed for hours- all right, well it seemed like hours...that woman can clean! I wouldn't let her at the comet to clean the bathrooms so she left those alone- not to mention I had cleaned them the morning she arrived! That's the hard part. I know she is just doing what she feels to be helpful and yet it's also vaguely insulting. Like my house isn't clean enough for her. Which, really, it's not. But, it's my house, right? Oi, mothers...

And on that note, today is her 69th birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

This is not all what I started out writing about- just what came. So there it is.

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Lionmom said...

I just wrote a similar post, but I was being hard on myself (my mom's voice running through my head).