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Jul 31, 2007

Deathly Hallows

Our own Malfoy- he insisted on dressing as Draco because he has blond hair, don't ya know!

We braved the crowds and went out at 11 PM to secure our own copies. Since it is the last book and all... It was fun. We have bought two copies for the last several in the series because I have been just as eager to find out what happens next. Leo came home and was up 'til 2:00 reading away. Saturday, he read between his two performances and by Sunday (the 22nd) mid-afternoon, he was done.

We sat side by side on Saturday reading for a couple of hours... Käri had taken the rest of the crew up to her brothers house for the day with the visiting South Carolina relatives, so it was just us. So quiet, kinda weird.

I finished Sunday night, just a few hours behind. A good ending, I think. It was a fun series. Great characters. I'll miss the anticipation of waiting for the next installment.

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Lionmom said...

I let our teen son read it first, but it was driving me crazy. So, while he was working and then sleeping, I took the book and read it one sitting (late into the night).

I will miss it!