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Jul 10, 2007

Da' Beach

Not only did we survive the beach, we had a fabulous time! Good friends, good food, fabulously cool weather... What more do you need? Well, it would have been lovely if the kids would have slept til 10, instead of 5 or 6- THAT would have been better!

On the trip over, Mia spotted a whale... on a lake... with a motor... otherwise known as a jet ski- that kept us laughing for quite a while. She was so excited- LOOK, LOOK, A WHALE!!

There was much playing at the beach, a lighthouse, fireworks, traipsing around the cabin, and oh, so much fun! Even grown up time at night, after all 13 were asleep. I had a hard time choosing between grown up conversation and going to bed. Ultimately, grown up time won. But, I was so tired when we got home. Oh, well!

I picked a few of my favorite shots... some pictures are trapped on the lap top- which, after having been dropped twice, right before we left, is now, not working. And the warranty expired 30 days ago!

The Rock!

The Waves!

The Jump!

The Solace!

The Sand!

The Ocean!

The Lighthouse!

The Kids!


Stacy Ferguson said...

Love it!! I have been awaiting to hear about the trip and just love the photos...As we say at preschool..."Hip Hip Hooray" for the beach!! The story about Mia and her "whale sighting" made me miss her even more..thanks for sharing!!

Kerri Cooley said...

Yeah!! I think we have all been waiting for your post about your beach vacation!! Sounds like a lot of fun and the pictures are GREAT!! (boy how much would Rosie love the picture with all 13 kids!!)

TruLove said...

Jealous! That's all I feel right now. Pure jealousy! No, really, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. But, I am alot jealous!

cole said...

Do you have 13 now???? I feel like I have missed something? Help, I am confused?????? 13 children? OMGosh.

That beach looks so gorgeous. It looks like central CA...is that right?

My aunt lives in Glen Ellen near SanFran and if we ever make it up there...maybe we can do a fly by? I would love to see you sometime.

But really, tell, is it 13 now? Or are some just friends.

Tricia said...

Oh my, a bakers dozen- not yet! :) Good friends who have five of their own were kind enough to let us tag along to their family home in Mendocino County! Some of my best summer memories were made in Sonoma County... a bit west of Glen Ellen, in Occidental.

elena jane said...

oh what FUN!! thanks for sharing your photos, great shots :) and yes, sleep vs adult time, always a dilemma!! ;)