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Dec 3, 2007

Modem and other sickness

That daily blogging killed my modem- at least that's my line.

The DSL man came and checked today and the intermittent drops that we've been experiencing are due to an old and malfunctioning modem. He says we can buy a new one.

I don't want to buy a new one. I want my DSL people to send me a new one. They sent me the original and at some point the updated one- which is now outdated... So tomorrow I start a new round of phone calls. I'm always up for a good fight or maybe they'll just give me one. That would make me happy.

I'm better- finally I don't wince when I swallow. It kicked my ass this time. I was in my pajamas for three days.

Mia, however is truly sick. She has been faking sick for sympathy for the last week or so. We've talked about it a lot. How we need to know how she really feels so we can take care of her, how she needs to be honest etc.

Here's one example from the last week.

Yesterday evening she came screaming in to me crying, tears streaming down her face, anguish, fear, the whole thing and yells "my throat, my throat, it hurts when I swallow, I just took a drink and it hurts so bad". It took three attempts to understand what she was screaming about since I could not understand her through her pain. (Remember, I have strep throat.) I ask her when it started to hurt. "just now"
MMMhmmm. I see. "Well, I guess that means you'll need to get up right to bed and miss dinner that mommy is bringing home" I say. "What is it?" I tell her what it is- one of her favorites. Suddenly, she's cured! "Oh", she titters, "I was just kidding".

Yeah, thought so.

But, this morning she said her stomach hurt and was again in tears about it. I shrugged my shoulders and told her I wasn't sure if I could believe her or not and suggested she continue getting dressed- "It's a school day for you today" She quickly hops up, wipes the tears away and says "it doesn't really hurt". (she loves school)

A few minutes later more crying and a dash to the bathroom where she proceeds to throw up. She is genuinely sick for the rest of the day- never asking to eat, unusually quiet, napped for a couple of hours this morning. Vomits a few more times and diarrhea as well.

We talk about how this is what sick really looks like...

Not sure what to do with this one. Next time she complains of stomach pain, I'll send her to school where appendix will burst...maybe or maybe not.


Sheesha said...

Uh, apparently you made out with neighbor girl longer - she seems to have strep throat now......Oh, or maybe it's just going around!

Tracey said...

Well, glad YOU'RE feeling better, at least. I hate it when they pretend sickness. My kids haven't really figured that one out yet... Anxiously awaiting the first bout of fake sick!

K J and the kids said...

That's a tough one.
I knew a mother who dealt with a child always getting hurt, crying that he was going to die. Each time he would hold his shoulder, arm, leg....it's broken it's broken and she would rush him to emergency, only to walk away with a healthy son. Her son almost died from a ruptured spleen. no shit.
crashed on his bike. she told him she was sick of him always getting hurt and to suck it up :) ha ha