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Dec 5, 2007


Wait, I thought of another weird thing.

Well, actually I encountered another weird thing. I was looking in the extra fridge for the bottle of Gin I keep for cocktail night and I stumbled upon a little package wrapped in a paper towel. Light in weight. Tucked in a little protective place above the bottle of gin.

And that was it! My other weird thing.

See, I have canaries. And they live outside in a large aviary type cage. They bring me peace. In any case, occasionally something happens to one of them and they end up at the bottom of the cage, dead. About 6-8 weeks ago one of my guys was at the bottom. I pulled him out and wrapped him up and stuck him in the freezer.

I have this thing about closure. When we have had our foster kids leave, we have a little leaving ceremony. When my grandmother died, I made a special request of a viewing at the mortuary so I could see her, dead. (She was having a closed casket.)

So when a bird dies, we bury it. But, I like everyone in the family to know and to have a chance to be at the burial. So if everyone isn't present at the time of the discovery of death I tuck the bird in a paper towel wrap and toss 'em in the freezer, until such time as I remember to gather the troops and bury the little guy.

And, well, I forget, sometimes for a while. I think the record might be 5-6 months.

But we do it, eventually.


Yondalla said...

My kids kept pet rats for years, and they don't always live as long as one might hope either. The first couple we buried right away. After I while I took put them in the freezer to bury later.

And then last year I cleaned out the freezer and on the bottom, in separate ziplock bags were THREE dead rats. Eewww!

I'm afraid I just quietly threw them away.

gwendomama said...

wow that is weird.

i think the that santa will be there today....something for your gin?


Tracey said...

Ok. You win the weirdo prize.