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Dec 14, 2007

Header image

Is the header image all messed up for you all too??

Edited to add: I messed with it, forever and fixed it the best I could...html- holy cow... It's not centered- I can't seem to figure that part out. Maybe another day. But the picture is back, and that is the most important part.


Nicki Mann said...


Yondalla said...

The words are on top of the kids, making it difficult to read, and the bottom of the photo is cut off. Everyone's head is there, but I think we used to see sand under them, didn't we? And there is an inch of white on the right-hand side.

Tricia said...

Hmmmm... not sure what happened. I'll try to fix that-

Sheesha said...

I noticed that yesterday....Seems like everytime I check in these days - Blogger has changed something....! Good luck - I love that picture!

Clare said...

It is nice to have the picture back--- even if not centered.