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Dec 8, 2007

Christmas Dinner

Do you guys eat a lot of rice? Brown rice??


T-Yes, we eat lots of brown rice and basmati (white) rice.
which reminds me, did I already volunteer to bring something for christmas dinner? Because if I did, i've forgotten what it was.
I haven't yet spoken with N. about christmas gifts; have you come up with any ideas? I'll email N. now.
Talk to ya' later,


Uh, you volunteered to bring THE dinner- remember?


P.S. We aren't vegan so we'll be needing lots of dairy and meat...please.


Ok, how about I bring a live cow that you can milk and then later slaughter?
I'll just bring a potato for myself.


We believe that it is cruel to slaughter animals ourselves and we wouldn't want to expose the kids to the cruelties of life, so we'd appreciate it if you could just take care of the slaughter ahead of time. we lesbians are a peaceful people. Think back. You remember don't you? Thanks for understanding. Will you be bringing a potato with eyes? Is that considered a face? Can you really eat that? Perhaps a slice of bread would be more appropriate. What will S. be eating? Looking forward to a very merry holiday meal together. One of Tricia's blogging buddies just sent her martini shakers. Maybe we should just drink our dinner. xo kar


S. will be fasting and will follow his non-meal (and our liquid meal) with a colonic irrigation, complete with vivid details at the dinner table. We are also looking forward to a very merry meal, or extended liquid lunch.
Cheers! M.


The proceeding is a series of e-mails between my sister and us discussing Christmas dinner. She's a vegan, we're not, neither is her husband. Before she was married she was a lesbian...


Anonymous said...


I have vegan very good friends and they come and visit us and I feel like I have to apoligize every time we eat something meatish or a derivative of ....and I prepare vegan meals for her and the family with no problems...

We are leary of visiting them because she won't allow meat or its products in her house and our kids, especially Chica is not so into that lifestyle. She loves tofu but won't eat it every meal, every day. Yikes.

Have some good tofurkey.

Tracey said...

:) Your family sounds like fun. Or at least, full of a lot of good conversations and posts...

Anonymous said...

So they CAN be rehabilitated! Sweet...

Tricia said...

Anon...hoping your kidding, right?