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Dec 12, 2007

Gabriel Allred and #6

He's staying with his parents!!!! Grandma withdrew her petition to adopt, but asked that Gabriel's parents make sure he learns Spanish and keep in touch with his birth relatives in Mexico. It brings me great pleasure to know that this worked out well for Gabriel. (and a little sad for Grandma)

#6 I chew gum. The kind I like is hard to find, so last time I found it I bought 20 boxes. So, when I stick a piece in my mouth I'm usually sure I'll be chewing it for a while. If my gum chewing gets interrupted by a stray piece of candy or a bite of an apple, I save it. The gum. I hold it until I'm done with the eating or I put it on the kitchen window sill until I'm ready to chew it again.

Definitely weird, and gross too.

One left, one last weird thing...


Boo said...

I feel bad for Grandma too, even though I am happy that he stays in the home he knows. I hope they can find a way to develop a relationship with Grandma and keep up contact.

Sheesha said...

So what kind of gum is it?....I'll set my gum somewhere safe (on a piece of wax paper) if I just put it in my mouth and can't say no to something else - cause I don't want to be wasteful....But I can't chew it for hours. You need to find a better source for the gum so you can chew it more often :)!

Tricia said...

It's called 'Jila'. I used to buy it at Cost Plus in town, but they no longer carry it. I can't find it anywhere in town and I've searched the internet to no avail...

TruLove said...

I was pretty sure that you'd blog about our conversation...hee hee.

Boo said...




Tricia said...

Sheesha and Boo- Thanks! I couldn't find it when I checked before- some months back.

I think I even left a message somewhere in Australia, where it's from. I can be scary like that.