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Dec 21, 2007

The Cutest Elves Ever!

Hi! This is Käri. Tricia is sicker than a dog. She's got strep throat again and the crud on top of it all (thanks to me), so I thought I'd post something cute for her. We've gotten many emails with a link to this cute little elf dance. I thought I'd give it a try and sure enough, it's damn cute! The cutest elves ever are: from left to right, Ruby, Lily, Julia and Mason. Lily and Mason are our friend's cute little ones. Lily is a month older than Ruby and Julia, and her brother Mason is just three months older than that. When they're all together (which they are often!) it's like quadruplets! Quadruple the fun that is! Look at them dance and enjoy your holiday!
Merry Christmas!

Watch the cute elves dance!

PEACE and JOY from our family


MommyNay said...

SO adorable! Santa hat photo aswell! I hope Tricia is feeling better soon...

Tracey said...

Oh Trish! That sucks that you're sick. Not very nice to share, Kari... Hope it clears up for the holidays. Merry Christmas to all of your family!

Sheesha said...

Right there with you....I went to prompt care today and the doctor had the nevre to tell me that I wasn't sick enough nor sick long enough to warrant any care from him. Apparently the chills, body aches, headache and a throat so sore I was talking funny wasn't enough. And it took me 1 1/2 hours of waiting to find this out. And I'm sorry does my daughter look anything like a boy?....Cause he asked me if my son had been sick as well - and I had my daughter with me....Who happenend to be wearing knee high boots and capris....I am so not going back there ever again.....! I do hope you're feeling better soon - and it ends with you!

elena jane said...

great smiley photos. hope tricia feels better soon! :)

Nicki Mann said...

I love that elf-dance site! It never fails to be funny! The kids make great elves!