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Jan 19, 2007


It's amazing how many conversations I have had with my kids while I am naked. Generally, in the shower, getting dressed, or drying my hair. Not to mention trying to pee. If I am alone with them and they are all awake, I try to make sure they are set up with an activity or something and run in quick with the quick ' Please, please be quiet no fighting or arguing- I'll be done in just a minute.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I generally have at least one interruption for a critical question/comment like-

'I'm thirsty, can I get some water?' or 'the garbage truck just picked up our garbage'

I've told Leo that not all women look this way- some have smooth skin and breasts that sit up and are the same size. Hopefully, I haven't scarred him.

And then there are Grace's comments 'how come your all, like, fudgy?' No need to explain that one. - right?

These moments do provide some anatomy lessons and boundary discussions, and that's good...

But really, how many years of therapy will it take for them to recover?

Thankfully, no pictures include in this post. I won't subject myself to that!


Tracey said...

See, I think it provides both my sons and my daughter with a realistic view of a mother's body. Women aren't meant to look like they're 16 and childless forever. It's not natural. By seeing that a woman can be beautiful with boobs that, ah, are less than perky, and a stomach that has more lines than a road map, well... Hopefully they won't be surprised when they're adults, then.

Bonny said...

uh, ignore that other comment. clearly I cannot multitask nearly as well as I thought I could.


Anyways! The kids - - definitely keep me humble. I do a pretty good job of keeping MYSELF humble, as well.

happy weekend to you!

Sheesha said...

Oh yes! Been there... It's strange how young they are when they make that destinction. They don't call me fat - but they've discussed that I don't look like other mommies. Since Karlee was about 6 she has made comments about not wanting to be fat. Yikes, scary. I try now to be more conscious of having on at least bra and panties before I go strolling through the house! And of course I now tell them I need my privacy in the potty...

cole said...

Being a breastfeeding mama to babies, then toddlers, then preschoolers in tandem you show a lot of skin. I was changing into a completely senseless lacey blue bra when my son who was 3 at the time walked in. His sister had just been born about 6 weeks or so before and I was feeling my most lumpy, fat and sloppy. Oldest spawn walks in and says, "mama, your nee-nee's (all purpose word for nursing, breasts...as in "Can i nee-nee OR no not that nee-nee the other one..) as I was saying, "look mama, your nee-nee's, they are all dressed up. Looks nice." and then just pads out of the room. For a moment I feel pretty and that stupid Von Trappe family song goes through my head and damn it, I do feel pretty. Atleast my nee-nee's look nice. To my 3 year old.