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Jan 12, 2007

Great Nana

Overheard in the car- the best place to eavesdrop-

Gus '...well and then she got sick and died'

Grace 'she was really, really, really, old'

Gus 'yeah, and I think she was the first one'

I'm in the front thinking, one of our canaries that died...???

Grace in total agreement and authority (as only a six year old girl can do)

'oh, yeah she was, she was the first one, ever, IN THE WHOLE WORLD'


Gus 'well,... I was just thinking in our family'

Great Nana would be so honored. She died four years ago at the age of 94, when Grace and Gus were two. Grace gave me a stuffed penguin about a year ago, that sits at my bedside, who, I am told, is, Great Nana.

Makes ya kinda wonder if Grace has some cosmic connection to her great-grandmother, doesn't it?

I really wanted to post a picture Grace and Great Nana here, but I can't figure out how to scan it in...maybe I can't do that...hmmm...

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Tracey said...

A great Nana penguin, eh? Only a child can think of that... :)