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Jan 15, 2007

Kickin' Back

Nothing like hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, relaxing...

against a big 'ol hard, plastic, green dinosaur!

I swear, Ruby manipulates herself into this position! Crack's me right up!!


sweatpantsmom said...

What a beautiful girl! And she really does look confortable. My daughter fell asleep recently with her head on a hard box - must be those young, pliable bones...

Tracey said...

She looks totally comfortable, though! What a grin! And it is soooo not fair that she has a head full of hair that young. My 15 month old is still a fuzz-top!

Elizabeth said...

Kaitlyn has that same Roll-Arounds Dinosaur and she loves playing with it, but she's never laid on it!

What a cutie patootie Ruby is!

Anonymous said...

she is so cute and what a pretty name!


Tricia said...

Ruby-Doo is what we call her a lot- Her birth mother gave her that name, we thought it was sweet, too!

She was born with all that hair and has had several bang trims- amazing! I'll have to post a picture of her incredibly long eyelashes.

Renee said...

Its nice to find you! My partner and I have 4(1bio, 1adopt(ing),2foster(both are concurrent placements)ages 3,3,13months,4months.
I envy you, I always wanted atleast that many kids(8)...my DP however grew up as an only child and is maintaining now that 4 IS enuf(like it or not)
I can only hope she softens with time, I showed her your blog, it didnt help, lol!
Nice to "meet" you