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Sep 22, 2008


I joined Facebook. I did. Weird. Another new adventure to explore. Cole referred to it as Face Crack- Oh my, all I need, another addiction. I'm always curious about people I used to know and thought this might be a groovy way to check them out... We'll see.

A friend from way back that I found on Facebook (hey Jen!) pointed out to me that I haven't posted since September 11. It wasn't until then that it occurred to me that I posted Dish Drainer Jenga on that day. Talk about weird! I posted a picture of a tower of dishes that were sure to collapse and titled it with a trademark game name that is all about trying to keep the tower standing. Come on, that's a little freaky!

OK, wait, it also just ocurred to me that the way we found out about the towers collapsing was from Jen! She was in Africa working and finding her first baby... and e-mailed or instant messaged questions about the towers- we did not have a clue until then. Jen, what else are you connected to?

I haven't been keeping up with my reading of Blogs or writing- I've been feeling neglectful on both counts.

Yesterday, was day two of wicked PMS- Käri was driving me crazy, the kids nutty, the house... low patience, cranky, sleepy... however, dinner still needed to be made. I had found some recipes over at Pioneer Woman Cooks- most especially her chocolate cake and had been wanting to try it. Not exactly dinner, but it was still early enough in the afternoon that I could accomplish both. I made Kär some stuffed red bell peppers from a recipe I found online (pretty yummy) and the kids and I had BLT's, or really Bacon and toast- who am I kidding? One child had lettuce on her sandwich with the bacon... And of course the chocolate cake (which was, as promised really, really fabulous- especially still warm and gooey).

It wasn't until later, that I realized that I felt better- not so cranky, not so impatient. When I mentioned it this evening Käri pointed out that cooking is a creative outlet for me. Something I need and don't get enough of... like blogging. So, I'm going to make more of an effort to capture the time and write the nonsense and the drivel of my life.
I promise- to me.


LeLo said...

Kari is very, very smart. It's totally a creative outlet. It's like gardening to me, too.

Bacon on toast: I've been having that with some heirloom tomatoes lately and is the best!

Zip n Tizzy said...

The beginning of this post is very Twilight Zone. Don't you think?

Now personally, I think it was the chocolate cake that made it all better, but if you want to cook, go right on ahead... and tell me when dinner is served! I'll help you play Janga.