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Sep 7, 2008


I have been following a conversation over at RSG. Politics.

The Republicans sure have been successful in getting Palin's name all over the place. I have a hard time believing that that wasn't part of the goal in choosing her...

Here's my comment- it was kind of long...

I’ve read these last two posts, slowly, over the last two days. I’m a left wing democrat from California, so reading is a struggle for me, plus I’m lazy, being a liberal and all.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I am raising eight children under the age of 12- five of whom we have adopted from the foster care system. Because yes, we do know where children come from, and we are acting responsibly, thank you very much. And we would make a better t.v. show than John and Kate, as a commenter recently suggested. (However, this would probably be a good time to admit, we haven’t seen the show) I could be convinced to live with a film crew and exploit my children, and “lifestyle” for a few years in order to pay for a college education for each of my children. Producers are calling day and night to sign us up. We just can’t decide which network.

We choose to have one parent stay at home for a variety of reasons- and try and make do on one teacher’s salary. Shall we throw education into the discussion here? Let's not.

Family values… I too, would have to agree that children belong with their family- whether that be birth family or otherwise. AND wholeheartedly believe that it is each family’s choice to have their children cared for by others or not.

I would assume SP wanted a career and a family. She’s got both. Same for Obama. Kids garner votes- every politician flaunts them if they’ve got’em. As for Trig? Well, my drug affected kids had needs, we met them as best as we could, while also dealing with the other needs of the family. You can’t ignore everybody else for one or two.

A government supported family leave program and childcare? How is that not supporting families? Thus supporting family values?

Also, SP on the democratic ticket? with left wing policies? same family??? I’m thinking Bethany has a point. She’d be lauded for holding her family together while chasing her dream and helping the country.

As far as her 17 year old being pregnant. I’m not sure what parent could have stopped that from happening. Values, and politics aside. 17 year old girls have been getting pregnant all on their own for a long time now and it doesn’t seem to be wholly dependent on a parent remaining home or not.

With all of that said- Obama gets my vote. I like his politics better. Period.

I can’t be bothered with who leaves their kids, or moves them. Which church they go to or don’t . Muslim, Protestant, Male, Female, Brown, White, Bald or a Full Head of Hair, Married, Divorced, Widowed, POW, Veteran, Gay, Straight, Monogomous, or not… I’m looking at their politics.

I'm not voting for McCain, so I don't really care much about Palin and don't want to waste a whole lot of negative energy bashing her or anybody else. What's the point?


Lelo said...

Thank you.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately too, and am resolved to stay focused on the issues. That's what matters when it comes down to it, not matter if you're male or female, it's where you stand on the issues. The politics. And everything I've heard from the McCain/Palin ticket doesn't speak to me.

Tracey said...

:) Exactly. Look at the policies they stand behind and vote THAT way.

Sheesha said...

Yeah! 50 more days! I so dislike politics.....