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Sep 6, 2008

I'm It

Six Things about me that I haven't shared before?

1. A long time ago I did something(s) that could be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony- depending on the discretion of the court. It was a folly of youth. I was under age and I never got caught. I am assuming that the statute of limitations has run out.

2. Along those same lines...I used to go to traffic court (all those speeding tickets- opps) as a minor and represent myself even though you were supposed to have a parent bring you. It surprises me a little that I had the huevos to do that.

3. I was in love with a girl in high school, but didn't recognize it until a few years later.

4. I came very close to losing my virginity when I was in seventh grade- but then didn't until I was 18. (Does that count as two things? I think it does.) and 5.

6. Criminy... I'm pretty much an open book and am having a hard time thinking of something that I haven't written about before... This evening I ignored my dirty kitchen to spend time on my computer sipping a cocktail before the bedtime madness.

Will that do?

It's going to have to, because now the bedtime flurry has begun. Two down, six to go... And the kitchen waits!

I'll tag: Zipntizzy, Lelo, Sheesha, Laurie (NJAC) and Jody (ABM6).


Tracey said...

ooohhh!!!!! Felonies and speeding tickets!! You law breaker!!

2 down and 6 to go. I cannot even imagine having that statement coming out of my mouth. :)

I'm thinking that a show about you and Kari and your kids would be more interesting than Jon and Kate +8. What do you think? Wanna expose the kids to tons of publicity every waking moment? :)

MommyNay said...

Thanks for playing Tricia!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Ooooh, I'm it... I was just stopping by to tell you that I think you're brilliant and said so on Zip n Tizzy awards!
Hope you're all well.