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Sep 24, 2008


When Religion Ruled The World- they called it the dark ages. Hmmm..good bumper sticker.

I'm on my way to pick up my kindergartners, windows down, music blaring in the 15 passenger van, when up pulls a mini van. A bit disheveled, older, tan van with an elderly occupant in similar condition. We are stopped at a red light, idling away. He looks at me, can't quite get the view he wants, so scoots up for a better look. His window is open, he looks again, stares, smiles, guffaws and yells through the opening.

"Ya got a bunch a kids packed in there?"

I nod, smile, "Yep". (Only two at the moment, but it's usually packed with kids).

"Bwahaha" he responds. A slight smile plays on his elderly face. And off we go.

Friendly, Critical... I don't know.

As he pulls in front of us I read his bumper sticker.

When Religion Ruled The World- they called it the dark ages.

Not what I expected. I love that. When my assumption, my leap to a stereotype, perhaps, blows me away. The crinkled up face, dangling cigarette, age of the vehicle. I would have expected a Bush '04 sticker, not something I could relate too, laugh at, and appreciate.

P.S. Did you notice my kids have faces???


Zip n Tizzy said...

I did notice! love it.
I also love when people surprise you. It goes to show that we all can be presumptuous.

planetx said...
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planetx said...

fantastic picture of your kids :-)
What an amazing family u have.
Well done to you both