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Jun 1, 2008


He wants it long. Drives me nutty. It's generally wavy'ish with some curl going on.

Soooo 70's...Yeesh.

At least I can see his beautiful eyes now.


Torina said...

Who can blame him? His hair is GORGEOUS!!!

Tracey said...

I personally liked the one-eye look... :)

My 9 year old is long and 70's looking too. We were just talking about dressing him retro and messing with the camera's settings to give it that old Kodak look...

Jody said...

Oh, he has gorgeous hair and eyes.

Cory, the long hair king, came to me and asked me to CUT HIS HAIR OFF....I almost fell over. He now sports a short doo, and is uber happy.

gwendomama said...