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Jun 25, 2008

Gas and Goodbye

Holy Crap! Today I filled up the gas tank in the Excursion.

Yes, we drive large cars (the other one is a fifteen passenger van)- we have a large family.
End.Of. Story.

The Excursion holds 40 gallons. Gas today was $4.46 a gallon.
Drum roll, please...

Total for 38.76 gallons?
$173.22!!!!! For a flippin' tank of gas. I was stunned, and also thankful that the cut off is no longer 75.00, because I would have to have had three different transactions.

If only we could come up with a better solution to transporting our brood around...

Our little three month old is gone. She went home with dad this afternoon. She was a sweet thing. Leo and Grace were visibly saddened. It is always hard to say goodbye. We took pictures and will talk about her gift of time with us, for a while. It felt good to have a baby in the house. The hand-off to dad went well. It felt right and safe. We will hope it truly is.
Good luck Macy!


Bacchus said...

I'm glad the hand-off to Dad went well. There are times I miss having a baby in the house, but then I remember they don't stay babies. LOL

We filled up our Saturn the other day, $54!! I can't even imagine trying to budget for a large vehicle.

Eos said...

I nearly hyperventilated when we filled up our van...almost $100. We have been answering w/ lots of "no..sorry...we can't" to the "would you like to come over" type questions!

This time around (we are getting ready to adopt/foster again) we are hoping to do babies/toddlers...must admit that I'm a bit scared.

TruLove said...

I'm glad Dad felt right and safe. What a blessing to have had the opportunity to cuddle her Wednesday! Thank you. Blessings to Miss Macy!

Kara said...

This is really inspiring to read, I'm really struggling with the thought of our two leaving at the end of July. Their time in our lives really is a gift, thank-you for putting things into perspective for me :-)

Tess said...

Hi Tricia! I just fill my SUV half full each week. Soooo depressing!

Missy said...

$173.22! That is INSANE! There has to be a better solution.

And good luck Macy and dad.

Jody said...

We have a Chevy Venture, and our gas milage is pretty good, but with the exception of our trip south, have been staying close to home to conserve.

With numerous kiddos, options are pretty slim.