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Aug 3, 2007


Last night I had a dream. We had triplets, well sort of. Käri and I gave birth and produced two boys and a girl, but I don't know who gave birth to who. It was a dream after all. The little girl looked just like Ruby, haircut and all. Hope I didn't have to push that out- I'm a lousy pusher. We named her True. Then there was a boy, very fair, strawberry blond hair. We named him Finn. The other boy had a kind of gray mohawk and I don't remember what we named him, but we kept calling him 'the Terminator'. I actually woke up struggling to remember 'the Terminator's' name... And there was milk, lots of milk, spurting from our breasts. Plenty for all. That was reassuring, alabiet, messy.

True, Finn, The Terminator... Truely Finished Terminate...hmmmmm...

And, uh... No, no plans of getting pregnant on the horizon. Thanks anyway.

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Nicki Mann said...

That sounds sort of like the dream Shrek had in Shrek 3 where he had about a million little shrek-lets and they were all projectile puking!