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Aug 21, 2007


On the way home from the first day of school-

Abe announces: "Hey Mama, when I grow up I'm gonna live by myself and have two babies."

Me "Oh yeah?"

Mia: "Abe, but you can't have babies"

Abe: "Yes I can. I can just go to the hospital and get some."

Mia: "Well, maybe if you want... I can have some for you and give them to you."

Abe: "Well, you can have one, but if it gets stuck and the doctor has to cut your belly, it's okay, cuz it will only hurt for a little while and I will get the other one from the hospital"

Me: "If the baby gets stuck, like you were Abe, the doctor gives the birth mom medicine so it doesn't hurt"

Mia and Abe: "Ohhhhh..."

Me: "What will you name your babies, Abe?"

Abe: "mmmmm..., I will name the boy baby Kaleb (Call-eb) and mmmm..."

Mia: "I know, I know, you can name the other one Max"

Abe: "Mia, that is a boy name and it will be a girl! I am having one boy baby and one girl!"

Mia: "Oh, well how 'bout Batinni?" That's a cute girl name."

Abe: "Yeah, Yeah, Batinni and Kaleb...and Max...I will have two son's and a girl."

Abe: "And maybe one more son's, he will be Shrinktone."

Me: "Wow, that's a lot of babies, Abe!"

Abe: "Yeah, and I will call you from the hospital, Mama, and you will be so happy and the babies will be so cuuuute."

Me: "And proud, Abe, I will be proud, too."

Abe: "Yeah..."


JUST A MOM said...


mommaduck said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet story. My daughter (4 years old) tells me about her kids she is going to one day have as well... keeps me on my toes to be a good example of a good mommy.
I stumbled across your blog a couple months ago. I too am a foster parent and have adopted three of our kiddos... enjoy your site. Your children are adorable. I give you TONS of props for being a mother to these eight awesome kiddos.

cole said...

I totally teared up. You are a lucky woman. And a very good one, too.