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Aug 8, 2007

The Magic of Television

That's 6 of the 8- plugged in. It only lasted about 5 seconds, but it was quiet.

Number 1 son is still at camp- comes home Saturday! And we already got a letter this year! Last year the letter came after he was already home.

Number 3 daughter was going to sleep in my arms- yup, she still is rocked, with a bottle. But, she let me take a picture while she nodded off...


Nicki Mann said...

Wow, television IS magic! What were they watching?

Tricia said...

An oldie...Sword in the Stone. We taped it years ago on VHS. They really enjoyed it.

Beth said...

I wish my floor was that clean.

Tricia said...


It's a trick of the light, I swear! Either that or the kids wiping their bum's all over the floor...

cole said...

Totally unrelated to this post but THANKS to your sidebar Marriage is Love button...YEA. I LOVE it. I have added it to mine and thankyouverymuch I am stealing it and I think that every person that reads your blog should add it.

Love is great.

Tricia said...

If only I could remember where I stole it...:)