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Aug 11, 2007

The Camper Returns!

At camp with his counselor.

He's home!!!

Dirty, hungry, tired, and happy. He does report that he used soap, at least once. It's so amazing to see your kid after a two week absence. He looks older, bigger. More confident and independent. He had a fabulous time. This was his third year attending the same camp. Coppercreek is absolutely fabulous! Horseback riding, water skiing, boating, swimming, BMX'ing, ropes course, arts and crafts, drama are all possible activities- and I know I left some out. The kids get to choose what they want to do and the counselors encourage and support the kids trying new and challenging activities. They have counselors from out of the country, I mean really out of the country, like Australia, Mexico, and Ireland. And kids from Russia, San Diego, Oregon, Arizona, and Maryland... I can't say enough good things about this place and the opportunities they provide. We are so grateful for the experiences they provide...


Misty said...

You have the most beautiful family! :)

Tricia said...

Why, Thank You! We think so too...

MommyNay said...

I went to camp twice as a child. I wish my parents could have afforded to send me every year! I still look back and remember how much fun I had. Your children are so blessed :o)

elena jane said...

ahh, the joys of camp...and of coming home :)