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Aug 6, 2007

Juggling All The Balls

I'm in the parking lot at Trader Joe's (love T.J.'s) sitting in the still, that is my car without children, and I'm watching a mom, across the lot.

She's on her cell phone, head bent to her shoulder in order to keep the phone on her ear and not falling on the ground. Sunglasses slipping down her nose, sweat pants sliding down her hips. Her three year old is twirling, around and around, watching her skirt fly around her, while mom watches, making sure she is within her grasp, should she twirl to far away and into the path of a car. The toddler is on her hip- the opposite hip of the cell phone because the little one is crying, loudly. She balances all this while she bends over to pick up something that falls to the ground and then grabs a cart to enter the store.

Now, why aren't there more women executives?


JUST A MOM said...

AND yet we sit and watch this poor woman and go .... "well done" yep I have done that,,,, well I might have almost dropped the kid but I did it... Nice to meet you....

Tracey said...

Oh God, you saw me???

No. No sweat pants here and a twirling kid in a parking lot is a cause for me to FREAK OUT. Plus, I hate talking on cell phones. I know, I'm so old.

MommyNay said...

I find myself in these situations almost daily where I am literally doing a dozen things at once and I impress even me! LOL
go MOMS!