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Jan 10, 2009

Too Nice??

Maybe I'm too fucking nice!

How's that for the opening statement after a long hiatus? I was planning a statement about how nice and relaxing the winter break was (notice how I don't say Christmas break- very p.c. of me- I get credit for that- although, maybe it's just another example of being too fucking nice...

So I'm at the store with two 2 year olds, the baby in a sling, my hands full with a bag and a bottle of water, we go to leave and I am closely followed by a slender woman dressed in a slinky dress, heels, full make up, picking up an order - I assume for workmates. I reach the door and usher the two year olds through, she's called back to the register for her receipt, I pause at the door holding it open for her, remaining there even though she has to make a u-turn to get back to me- she has her hands full and it's also the polite thing to do, right, courteous? I keep an eye on the girls, just outside the door- She approaches the door, doesn't even glance at me as I stand there holding the door a smile on my face, while I wait for the eye contact, the nod and the "thanks" as she cruises through the door- not a look at me! She lifts her sunglasses to her face, peering out to the parking lot as she searches for her car, and that's it.

Not a glance in my direction. Truly, I am speechless.

I often will say "you're welcome" to folks as they pass through- not this time. I'm just speechless. Are my expectations for a nod, an acknowledgment, a thanks, too much? She's a well dressed working woman, slender, pretty... is it that I'm a slouchy stay at home mom, short hair, jeans, babies... Or is she just a bitch? Perhaps she was having a bad day- barely making it through- Maybe she had just received news that her favorite great uncle had just died... Whatever???

Then, I leave the store and make my way to school driving down the the thoroughfair part highway, part street. I see a woman on the corner- it's cold out, she attempts to step off the sidewalk, then retreats- she's waiting to cross... As I approach, I stop to allow her to cross the street. Cars to my left continue to come barreling down the road, not stopping. I shake my head eye the traffic, she shakes her head back and forth as well. I assume she's as frustrated as I am at the lack of consideration, lack of attention to the law, that states pedestrians have the right of way. The traffic finally slows I gesture to her that it's clear. She looks at me, I smile and wave again- She screams "WHATTHE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LADY, I DON'T NEED YOUR GODAMN HELP TO CROSS THE STREET!"

Next time I'll just run her down....

I just looked at my last post- guess I need to focus a bit of energy on the positive, eh?


LeLo said...

I know for a fact that you're a selfless woman, an incredibly giving individual, and someone who doesn't expect something in return. This woman was a royal bitch to not recognize and thank you. Remember: karma. Karma, karma, karma.

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

I'm going to tell you what my mom always says - if you're doing nice things because you expect something in return - then you're not doing it for the right reasons. That being said - none of us like to feel unappreciated. Don't let the jaded people of the world change the caring and giving person you are. Eventually - they will get theres and you will get the positives back that you're putting out. Too preachy? I'm still on my postive vibes for 2009 wave. :-)

Tricia said...

LeLo- Thanks!

Troy- Not too Preachy... It wasn't the expectation of a kind word to swell my head- it was the lack of respect that irked me- especially the first woman- the second woman- I chalked it up to craziness.

Kerri- Well, hey there- Welcome! Didn't ruin my day just pissed me off for a while.

elena jane said...

nope, not too nice. very courteous and polite!! the others, just rude, no excuse. and slinky grocery store chica, ugh!! :(
you and me, we'll keep being nice! :)

Zip n Tizzy said...

You have lots of littles following your example, and we'll all be better off when they carry your courteous manners into adulthood.