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Jan 31, 2009

Superbowl Party

The kids and I decided to have a bit of a superbowl party- just the family, a few bags of chips- We're actually going to put food on the coffee table! We don't watch football, usually- just a fun thing to do.

To get out of cooking dinner, I figured we'd snack on some pigs in a blanket too- plus it works for football- Pigs... footballs are made of pigskin- or so the story goes. So I tell the kids.

Lemonade, chips and dip, pigs in a blanket- because footballs are made of pigskin- The kids are excited, a party- whoo hooo!

Gus is telling Käri all about it this morning and what we're going to eat.

Käri asks "pigs in a blanket, huh- why's that"

Gus "cuz you know...all football players are pigs- mama said".



gretel said...

Hah! I love that translation!

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Have fun! My girls LOVE pigs in a blanket. Dan is getting a mini-superbowl party ready for them while we're at their rehearsal today. I'm going to tell him to do pigs in a blanket too!
Enjoy your family time and having food on the coffee table!