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Jan 11, 2009

Casual Conversation

Mia- Well, mama, what if aliens landed here now and they were bad guys and they wanted us to be aliens too, what would you do?

Me- I'd say Hello.

Mia- Mama...?? But if they were bad guys...???? Could they really come? Could they breathe our air?

Me- How do you know I'm not an alien? Maybe the aliens came down and took your mama away and I'm just an alien who looks like your mama? maybe you are an alien...???

Mia- ...they take my real mom...?

Me- what, what do you mean your real mom?

Mia- you know, ________.

Me- Uh, no she's not your real mom, Mia, she's not your real mom, she's your birth mom- that doesn't make her your real mom. What am I your fake mom?

Mia- But she's my real mom.

Me- She gave you life, she gave birth to you. That doesn't make her your real mom. Mommy and I were the ones that took care of you, took you to the doctor, feed you, clothe you, love you- we're the moms you get mad at, the moms who are proud of you, who give you consequences and try to help you make good choices- we are your mom's.

Mia- But she ate those drugs and then she couldn't take care of me and do all those things 'cuz the drugs made her brain all mixed up and she didn't make good choices.

Me- Yes...and she made the choice to take the drugs, no one made her take them.

Mia- Ohhhhhh...

While I'm pruning the rose bushes... very casual and frivolous.


Kathryn said...

In response to yesterday's post... hmmm... did I miss something? The baby? Do you guys have another baby?
I get frustrated with inconsiderate people as well... You just have to choose to move on with your day anyway I suppose.

Tricia said...


I'm doing a bit of childcare- two 4 month old babies- just to keep life interesting...

Anonymous said...

First of all, I think you've had more than your fair share of rude people lately.

Second, it cracks me up how seemingly "huge" topics can be brought up at the strangest times and in the most casual way. Gotta love those conversations!


P.S. It's about frickin time you're back!

Kathryn said...

WoW! More sets of twins (essentially)! Fun times! I love twins!

Zip n Tizzy said...

In my experience aliens always are always a bridge to the harder topics. Don't know why that is, but perhaps because they are so open ended.

When I was a teenager I was a bit obsessed by the idea of being abducted by aliens. I wasn't as worried about the aliens as I was about not being listened to or believed when I got back. Now why would a teenager be worried about that?

You are such a great real mom, and you're so good at answering tough real questions.