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Jul 13, 2008

Checks and Balance

Blogher, holy crap, is a few days away.

New wardrobe? Check.

Manicure? Check.

Pedicure? Check.

Hair cut? Check.

New Shoes? Check.

Reality? Yeah, remove all the above checks!

I still have nail polish on my big toes left there from Pamper Mom day in kindergarten two months ago. Please... Jeans, t-shirts, Birks, Keens, my fleece jacket (It's cold in The City in July). Packed, or at least they will be.

I found this on one of the blogs Käri reads. She used to tease me for my hobby, now she has her own computer and her own lengthy list she reads daily, hmph.

"Many stereotypes abound. Most of the time we do not know what others are experiencing deep inside themselves. We see them and their situations and often make unfair assumptions. Sometimes we can control or at least manage our challenges, other times, as much as we would like to, we cannot. I would hope that we would be more sensitive and understanding of one another, of those who are overweight or dealing with other challenges, whether they happen to be "controllable" or not, and whether those trials are visible or not so apparent" -Pamela H. Hansen (Running with Angels)

I love it. Makes me want to get the book. I assume it's a book, haven't even looked it up. Guess I'll do that before I get in bed.


Missy said...

Haha great post. I'm down with jeans and tshirts, everyone will have to deal.

gwendomama said...

wow. now i feel super shallow for being pressured into my first pedi. in my defense, it was just so i could wear flipflops or go bare foot.

and omg i thought you said 'she used to tease me for a hobby' and that made me laugh. out loud.

is that wrong? or just insight.

Sheesha said...

I'm so glad you clarified that.... I was thinking - "What, Tricia with a manicure?.... No way! Have fun at Blogher....