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Okay? Okay.

Jul 18, 2008

Blogher #2

In bed at 2- up at 7:30. Managed to ward off an impending panic attack with the help of pharmaceuticals...not sure if it was an attack or just exhaustion. All was well.

Watching, watching interactions, laughing, people, women, talking, gleaning. Should I protect my children's privacy? Is it okay to blog about racial issues, being a white woman? Is mommy blogging radical? These questions and more discussed today.

These women spoke tonight for the keynote speech. Individual women selected and then chose a past post to read aloud. Funny, touching, powerful words.

A few read deeply courageous writings of hurts, depression, body image, suicide attempts- not that the others were not courageous, but these few that I am referring too made me pause and hold my breath. So amazing.

Tonight party at Ruby Skyes- old theatre, beautiful in the inside. Loud, pulsating music, good food, free drinks. More chatting (yelling). So many women, a handful of men.

I crave the quiet, the dark.

Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

craving the quiet eh? maybe you better not come home! :) Kar

Caroline said...

Hi Tricia! The babies certainly followed us even to Ruby Skyes, huh? On my way out the door I hung out with a sleeping beauty on her momma's shoulder. I just called my kids and almost cried hearing their voices. Something about the way your kid sounds over a phone... Anyhoo - your blog rocks!

Lunasea said...

Hey Tricia - nice to meet you yesterday at lunch - thanks for sharing the table.

becky said...

Tricia - nice to meet you. Thanks for getting that glass of wine for me. I really enjoyed talking to you & hope we get to talk more sometime.

Vi said...


Are you qualified as some sort of counselor/therapist? Did you honestly think that YOU would provide a means of PUBLIC mediation ( or perhaps humiliation) between Heather and Jenny or were you just making excuses when you posted this...

Yeah- Apparently I was the foolish cat (Meow) who stood up and asked for Heather's response.

I thought I saw two women hurting and wanted to give her the opportunity to respond...

I don't get what you did but I really don't get your defense.

Lunasea said...


I left before your comment at the keynote, but I absolutely believe you were trying to do something helpful.

ktjrdn said...

Crap, I picked this blogHer post to comment on because I didn't want to comment on the drama, and I found a comment on it here anyway.

What I wanted to say was thanks for posting about BlogHer. I missed going this year, so I'm following a bunch of links and kinda of living vicariously through them. It's not near the same as meeting new people in real life, but if I'd been there I could have met you, so I'm just going to pretend I did. And you were wonderful!