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Apr 21, 2008

Turn off Week

I'm a little late to the party since "Turn off Week "officially started yesterday, but I'm turning off starting today!

When I come back I'm thinking about being a little more regular. Lately, my head has been swimming and making it hard to focus. I think if I write more regularly, even if it's just nonsense, I'm a bit clearer- kind of like crossing things off the list.

I was going to write about a fabulous 24 hours off from the kids. I surprised K with a night at a local fancy hotel- didn't do anything to speak of, but it sure was nice. And then I was overwhelmed by the sudden death of one of Leo's classmates fathers... then I was tempted to show a picture of the disgusting growth on my lip- cold sore,- yuck, kids playing in the spring, bad hair day for Leo...!

Oh, so much...

Had a scrapping event here at the house Saturday night- very fun, actually. I don't scrap- that's Käri's hobby (our house hasn't been this clean in quite some time- just don't look in the garage)...and then woke up at 3:15 a.m. early Sunday morning with the stomach flu- that was fun. Recovering nicely, thank you.

Off to turn 8 brown bananas into bread... See ya' after the 26th.

I'll be at Relay for Life walking the track to help cure cancer on the 26th thru the 27th... It's not too late to donate So far, friends and family have raised $250.00!!!!

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elena jane said...

well done....obviously i haven't made the leap ;)