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Apr 10, 2008

a little Ouch

Nothing a little diaper creme won't fix!

We can't decide if she needs speech or it's just her personality...I swear she thinks she's an only child. Juj always wants to be held and still drinks from a bottle. Her receptive language is fabulous, but she should be talking more at 26 months old!! And don't you just love Ruby coming in for a piece of the action. "Hey, if she has an ouch, I have one too, I'll just get my own jar of creme!"

And by the way, the boxes in the back, over in the corner, behind the portable crib, those, yeah, those, have been there since we moved in, 2.5 years ago! And that big lump of fabric strewn over the chair in the background? Those would be the drapes that hang over our sliding glass door, that the little girls ripped out of the wall during a rowdy game of hide-n-seek, last week. Let's just see how long it takes to put those back up, shall we! (I have another set that they pulled out a month or so ago from the living room, thrown in a different corner, somewhere.)


Denise said...

Very cute.

MommyNay said...

I love the quilt on your bed!
The girls are pretty cute too I must say *grin*

gwendomama said...

omg that is so cute!

you'll have to check in later (tick tick tick, waiting for blogger to finish uploading that video, tick tick tick) and watch Bubbles' reaction to Juj and Ruby.

My take on J's language is predictable: YES! Call regional center and get yourself some Early Intervention. Don't lose out on the EARLY part. It rocks. they usually come to your house. at first this was daunting, but really all i have to do is make sure dh vacuums. heh.

Tracey said...

First, I like the quilt. Very cozy.

Second, they are both so cute! I wonder how long she would have said "Ow, ouch, ow" until you acknowledged her? :)

Also, loved the running and thumping in the background. Was that Ruby or the other kids? Never any quiet, is there?

Tricia said...

MommyNay and Tracey - the quilt was a find at an outlet store a few years back- I wanna say Pottery Barn or maybe..hmmm, yeah, I don't know. Thanks though!

And, uh, yeah, no Tracey, never any quiet around here- it's always a party at our house. I think most of the noise was Ruby making her way to us- although at the very end it's Mia.

G.- We've been down the speech road before, with the twins and Grace. The regional center did come to our house for the twins, although I have heard that funds have been cut around these parts and that we need to go to them.

Her words are coming. We just have to use a little ABA with her...and maybe speech... I'm dragging my feet for a few weeks until her two year check up.

Steph said...

She's not two yet, so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. I saw all kinds of kids that didn't start the full on chatter until two. Mostly, just because they didn't want to!
If she understands you and just isn't talking back, it's totally different then no communication.
That make sense??
I also have a feeling you know how to work with her for now, so it's not as though it's going unnoticed.

And I have to just Laaaaaaugh at the self portraits!!! That could be me trying to get a good shot and resorting to funny faces (0: