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Apr 4, 2008

7 Lame Things

  1. Cars that don't pull to the right when an emergency vehicle is bearing down on them lights and sirens, blaring.
  2. Cars, that after pulling to the side of the road to let an emergency vehicle pass, take it as an opportunity to race ahead of you, almost causing an incident requiring the attendance of another emergency vehicle.
  3. Parents having to deal with the death or loss (kidnapping, runaway...) of a child.
  4. Rude people.
  5. The little news blurb announcing the celebration of the anniversary of viagra- (sorry, just one of those what the hell...whoo hoo, they discovered a medicine that gives men an instant hard on, but they can't find money to fight aids, breast cancer, feed the homeless...)
  6. Having to pay for 'feminine hygiene products', you know, tampons, pads. Why are they so freaking expensive, and every woman needs 'em. Why can't they be free?
  7. Daylight Saving Time. It's ridiculous, do away with it already.

Those are my top seven, at the moment. Tomorrow may be a totally different story. You? Thanks Gwendomama, that was kinda fun.


sweatpantsmom said...

Rude People suck.

And Rude People + Cars are the worst.

There's at dad a school who drives into the parking lot and just leans on his horn until his kid shows up. I'm going to strangle him one day.

Thanks for letting me vent on your blog. Send me a bill!

krystal said...

Yeah, totally #6! Lame. Well, all of them are lame, obviously, but, #6 stuck out for me.

I thought it was fun too.

Anonymous said...

1 comcast
2 Spud on Bob the Builder
3 pervasiveness of nasty chemicals
4 people who aren't nice and can't
return a smile
5 federal discrimination of lgbt
6 obama clinton conflict
7 that perfumed tampons exist