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Apr 18, 2008

Strawberries in April

Even princesses have to eat.

And, why, yes, she is naked. Don't all toddlers eat naked?


quilted family said...

In my house they do, or at least shirtless. Sure cuts down on the wash.

Gretel said...

Naked toddlers are fine with me...but considering I have to rush mine off to daycare after eating, I prefer clothing...then you can just PEEL off the food and avoid that pesky washing thing...I avoid washing my children as much as possible...they might dissolve...I have the same clamp seat and love it...I've probably been responsible for about 50 sales of them over the years, cuz I talk big about 'em! Stumbled up on your blog - thanks for having me! I'm at www.meyerodell.com


elena jane said...

what a sweet princess strawberry face :)

Anonymous said...

your kids are so cute! I too apparently loved to be naked when I was little ... I think it's a toddler thing.