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Sep 9, 2007

Mac Mail

I thought I'd ask here since I can't seem to find the answer anywhere else... And because I have gotten such great ideas about how to respond to my lovely neighbor's anti-semitic remark. Someone who reads my dribble must have a Mac and maybe can help me out with this...

I have a Mac. I love it- have never had a PC.

So here's the problem. Every time I click on a link on a site, that is supposed to link me directly to someones e-mail, my computer automatically goes to Mac mail. I don't have a Mac mail account.

I can do a series of maneuvers that eventually gets me the individuals e-mail address. I then copy it and open my account through Firefox and compose my mail through my SBC global(AT&T)account and send. It is a total pain in the ass. And I have tried unsuccessfully to change this- several times and can't figure it out.

Anyone out there know what to do??


Carly said...

I don't remember if I've ever commented here or not, so if not, hi! I'm Carly.

Anyhow, I set up my Mail account (the application in the computer that likes to open itself) to accept my Gmail account and receive its mail. I actually usually just use that instead of the internet for my email. Anyway, you can set it up that way and then you'd be able to send email directly from that annoying application from the address you have already!

Tricia said...

I tried to do as you say- I can't remember the path I used, but it didn't work. Maybe I am doing something wrong- Would it be possible for you to give me more specifics? Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks.

Emma said...

I don't have a macmail account either and I had this problem as well. If you have a two button mouse you can right click on the email address and a menu will appear. Select "copy email" and then either paste it into a text box or open your own email and paste it into the to: place. Or do what I do and then write it down with a pencil. :+)
Who really loves your site.

Tricia said...

Damn, it's a one button mouse! Argh!

And, Thanks!

elena jane said...

have you looked thru the firefox help section?


i had a quick look earlier for your email issue (i was there looking for a plug in for mine). but i know nothing of macs so am not sure how/what to look for.

they have a pretty decent forum....

my email hyperlink takes me to thunderbird, which i have set up and just send an email from there or i copy/paste it to my gmail acct.

Tricia said...

Hmmm.. I'll take a look. Thanks

Laura said...

hi! i'm just de-lurking to say that Mac Mail isn't actually for any specific kind of account - you can use it for gmail, aol mail, verizon, etc. i know that if you have gmail you can look up the POP info, which is what you have to put in under "preferences -->accounts" in Mail. if you set it up correctly, it'll just take the emails off of your gmail account and drop them into Mail, which will ding happily every time you get a new email. you can do the same with at&t - i bet you can find it thru google.

and in the future, it would open up a new message that you can actually send.