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Sep 25, 2007

Argyle Girls

Are they not the cutest damn things???

You can't quite see it, but both are wearing argyle sweaters this chilly morning.

On a side note, can I just say 'Thank God for hand-me-downs!' We are so fortunate to receive clothes from a few families in our community. It is the ultimate in recycling...


the individual voice said...

gorgeous babies.

cole said...

I love handmedowns too! I love seeing them on my friends kids. My friend Debbi has twins and the other day her girl twin was wearing a whole Chica outfit. I remember my baby in those and it makes me smile to see it passed on.

My friend, another overachieving in the procreation kind of way, has twin girls and we get their clothes all the time for Chica. It is so cool.

I rarely buy actual new clothes for the kids. Ick. And expensive. I save that money for ME!

Sheesha said...

Yes, gotta love the hand-me-downs....We've never been lucky in the boy hand-me-downs, but we're overflowing in the girl dept! I was overwhelmed this time when my sister gave me 4 large green bags - but soon realized we'd hit paydirt when some still had tags on them and most were brands I never buy! I loved seeing Grace in the jacket & skirt yesterday!....Makes it all worth it!

elena jane said...

love hand me downs....and i love next to new stores too :-)