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Sep 14, 2007

100 Things For The Hundredth Post

1. When I die, I want to be reborn as a black woman.

2. because I want to be able to have rhythm

3. and not be embarrassed to dance.

4. Yes, I know that is a stereotype.

5. In my experience, stereotypes exist for a reason.

6. I want to see Bette Midler perform live.

7. I kissed Barry Bonds' (yes, that Barry Bonds) cousin.

8. I was the student body president in high school.

9. because I wanted to make a difference

10. and because I beat out one of the most popular girls in our class

11. because she was in the popular clique and I wasn't

12. which means she picked on the less popular cliques and had enemies.

13. I didn't have enemies.

14. I am able to float between all different kinds of people

15. and don't seem to belong to any one group, in particular.

16. I live with my best friend.

17. I pierced the second hole in my left ear (cuz, right is wrong and left is right...) while I was waiting with my date for the senior prom to get his tux at the mall.

18. My date was my friend's little brother.

19. Maybe I should have gotten the right ear pierced...hindsight.

20. I cut school for the first time when I was in second grade.

21. The principal called my house and asked me to come back.

22. I did.

23. I was watching Gomer Pyle on our black and white TV, that you had to turn the channels with pliers, when she called.

24. When I am near the ocean for too long, I really want someone to turn it off for a little while.

25. I can't stand when the inside of the washing machine gets all gunky around the detergent, fabric softener, and bleach cups.

26. I clean it with a toothbrush.

27. When I was a senior in high school, I worked at a local drugstore and made "good money".

28. I used to treat my friends to lunch all the time

29. and I would buy the faculty and staff treats from the bakery down the street and sneak them into the staff room, anonymously.

30. It made me feel good.

31. One of my favorite snacks is potato chips with a dab of yellow mustard and sharp cheddar cheese- preferably Tillamook.

32. I am so thankful my kids make me laugh,

33. because sometimes I want to kill them.

34. I love to cook

35. but for the most part have given it up

36. because I have caved to my kid's food preferences.

37. I think I should switch to baking

38. because we all like sugar.

39. Nail polish on my finger nails makes my fingers feel greasy

40. and heavy.

41. I love to eat handfuls of Captain Crunch with Crunchberries

42. until my mouth starts to get raw.

43. When everyone is going one way, I always want to go another.

44. What I remember most about my elementary school report cards is the comment "does not work to her potential".

45. I fantasize about sex, often.

46. It doesn't impede my daily living, swear.

47. A board book is the perfect length for reading aloud

48. before I start yawning.

49. I have always wanted to live in Mexico,

50. but have never been there.

51. I do not say "I love you" casually

52. or hug.

53. But, I enjoy both.

54. I like to play card games.

55. Two scoops,

56. chocolate mint

57. and chocolate chip

58. on a sugar cone

59. from Baskin Robbins

60. with chocolate mint on the bottom,

61. please.

62. When I was a little girl, I always wanted six children.

63. I was the keeper of some family secrets

64. until I told a few years ago.

65. It's turned out okay.

66. But, now there are just more people that know the secrets.

67. And some that still don't...

68. I am afraid of heights.

69. I never seem to have enough clean bras.

70. There was a day that I was extremely organized,

71. had a system for everything,

72. and everything was in it's place

73. then I had eight kids.

74. Coffee became a daily habit five years ago

75. when children five and six arrived.

76. I can no longer fathom life without it.

77. It drives me crazy to have anyone watching me get ready, waiting.

78. Eight, may not be enough.

79. I have lived in the state of California for 30 of my 40 years

80. and have never been to Yosemite.

81. Tears always spring when an ambulance, lights flashing, passes me.

82. Firetrucks elicit the same response.

83. When I wanted to drop out of college

84. to travel the US

85. in a VW camper van

86. with a dog,

87. my parents offered me a round trip ticket to Ireland to stay.

88. I accepted.

89. After college, I traded in the offer for a new bed.

90. I still daydream about traveling in the V'Dub.

91. I'm married

92. but it was annulled.

93. We wanted to make a statement.

94. I have all my wisdom teeth.

95. My mid life crisis car would be a red convertible jeep

96. If only.

97. One of my absolute favorite activities is lingering over a meal, talking.

98. I miss it.

99. I have been pregnant five times,

100. But have only given birth to two, full term, babies.


LeLo in NoPo said...

What a kick ass post Tricia. I feel like I know a whole ton more about you--and I love it!

Some fav's...
#17 cracks me up: I can picture that so clearly.

#24-I'm the same way

#80-you must go. You're not far. It's one of my favorite excursions when I lived in your town. It's an amazing place.

Thank you for sharing such great stuff!

cole said...

Clever and exhausting to read. It makes me think of my list. Too long to list.

Go to Mexico woman. Sheesh...you are right down the road for pete's sake.

I didn't know that you are your wife had any bio kids...hm. Interesting. Sorry about your losses.x

Nice idea. Maybe when I hit a thousand I will post a thousand?

Give me time to work out my list.

Chelley said...

That was a great list! Congrats on hitting 100!!

I have to say that was really informitive!

I am sorry for your losses... I to have been preg 6 times and have 3 babies here on earth and 4 angels in heaven....

When is enough? I havent got the answer to that..

Esme said...

Thanks for sharing your 100 things! I relate to so many of them! 32 and 33, especially... :)