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Sep 8, 2007


Wasn't really looking for it... but there it was.

When you are walking around the house trying to get a bottle refilled, and answer questions, and get out the door for the birthday party, and "hurry up and get your shoes on", and you find a miscellaneous shoe on the floor, that the puppy might chew, you pick it up...and put it on the refrigerator door. 'Cuz lady bug shoes like a little cold every once in a while, helps them... um... retain their color...???


Susan said...

Of course it does. Keeps them fresh too.

Chelley said...

and really it does help with smelly feet!!

Its the fresh and crisp scent!

the individual voice said...

When my white cat was a very tiny kitten, we heard her meowing from somewhere and couldn't figure out where it was until we opened the refrigerator and she was sitting just inside the door on the bottom shelf like that shoe and just hopped down. No idea when she hopped in there.