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Feb 8, 2007


Apparently, it is the theme of the day. Stripes. I generally do not have a problem with my kids picking out their own clothes, but Oh MY! Thank God it is pajama day at preschool this afternoon- the pajamas will, at least, match.


Renee, said...

Olivia, who is 3 just walked up to my desk looked at this picture and said:

Oh Mommy look at that little girl! I love her dress and her shirt and her tights and her socks and her buckle shoes, SHES cute! Mommy can I buy a dress like that when I go to the store? Mommy? Say YES mommy!

So if you ask Olivia your daughter has impeccable fashion sense!

sweatpantsmom said...

In my opinion, your little girl is totally fashion forward. I think I saw Gwen Stefani wearing this same outfit.

Tricia said...

Chuckling here...