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Feb 25, 2007


We have been hit hard with the flu and cold... It feels like weeks, when really it has only been one week.

Julia in particular has been hit the hardest. And by that I mean, up all night, coughing, sneezing, fever, miserable, crying, hoarse, not eating, fussy, rolling around on the floor soundlessly weeping, clingy, won't take medicine, secondary ear infection, three trips to the doctor, pitiful, whiny, pathetic, snotty, sticky. It's been lovely and so restful... poor thing.

Jack and Leo haven't got it yet- not sure how.

Gus is done, Grace, Mia, and Abe are still running low fevers and Ruby just started... gotta love it.

K and I are still, well maybe I shouldn't say it, so I won't...

Jack's birthday post has been in the works for a week I think I'll get it out today...


TruLove said...

You and K are nominees for sainthood! Here's praying Ruby doesn't get too sick!

Tricia said...

I don't know about that saint hood thing, but hey thanks for the nomination M.