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Feb 5, 2007

And Then There Were Eight





~Belly laugh

~Beautiful smile


~All that hair

The phone call came. And it went a little like this.

Hi, this is Tina from Department of Social Services. I understand you have some openings, and was wondering if you would consider two babies?

A chuckle from my end- two? are they twins?

Well, no... they were both born yesterday, but they have two different birth mothers.

Okay, uhm, can you tell me what you know?

Well, I know they were born yesterday. And I think one is Hispanic and that one, or maybe the other one, is around five pounds.

Are these sick babies, are they tox positive?

Well, I am not sure at this point, but we will find out. Are you willing to take one or both of them?

We can definitely take one, I need to talk with my partner first, can I call you right back about the other?


Ruby arrived four hours later.

Julia, 24 hours later.

They were both five pounds. One Mexican and one Laotian, both with no prenatal care and a long history of meth use by the birth mom. Oh, and both girls.

We love them very much- our non-twin twins, and they are staying forever.

Happy Birthday Girls!


elena jane said...

beautiful! this makes me cry with happiness...happy birthday girls!! :)

Stacy Ferguson said...

Tricia...Have to say, this one made me smile and cry!! I remember being in Karin's classroom (as Zoe's Mom) when you called her about the girls..She answered her phone, listened to you on the other end, nodded, shrugged, and hung up..I asked her who it had been and she said "Just Tricia"...I said "What's up?" and she said, so casually "We might get two more babies" As a Mom of just two, I was so shocked at how "automatic" it was for you two to at least consider it so easily..But here they are, one year later and we all love them to!! Watching them sprout and listening to your other children talk about them..they are truly where they belong!! You guys rock!! Happy Birthday little ones!!

Kerri Cooley said...

Oh my goodness,this totally brought me to tears too!! First of all they are so darn cute and second it just amazes me that there are wonderful, people in our world ,who open their homes to children who otherwise wouldn't have a chance.(especially considering you already had 6 at home!!) You and Karin are both amazing and it is so obvious that Ruby and Julia are where they are suppose to be!! Happy Birthday cuties!!

Sheesha said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year! I really surprises me how much those non-twins twins look alike. I've looked at the pictures twice now and only convinced myself they were two separate pictures from the paint on the walls in the background! Amazing! You guys make it look so easy. I admire you both.

Renee, said...

Happy Birthday girls! AND they are both staying! YAY!!!!!!!!

TruLove said...

I can't believe it's been a year. The girls are so lovely and so loved. You two are amazing...I know you have widened my world...look at what you've done for all of your little ducklings. You know, we love you, all ten of you!