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May 7, 2008

The Plan: as the children see it, for the distant and near future

At dinner tonight we are talking about the kids getting older and the following ensued... we lost the bigger kids at some point but Mia, Abe, and Jack stuck it out. I mildly suggested that maybe they would want to move out at 35.

Abe will be with us "FOREVER MAMA, Don't joke us 'bout that".

Mia also "forever, but until you die then we can be all here (gesturing about her head) by ourselves"

Jack will be in "New York, where it takes seven or ten days to get there, because it's big" and... "I'm not going to that place in school"

Me: "What place in school?"

J. "That place."

Me: "Does maybe Mommy know the place you're talking about?"

J: Blank stare.

Me: "Do lots of people go there?"

J: Blank stare.

Me: "Hmmm, have we been to the place at school, before?"

J: "NO!"

Me: "Did your teacher tell you about the place?"

J: Blank stare

Me: "Jack, I'm going to need a little bit more information about that place if I'm going to help you. Can you tell me if it's inside or outside? Big or little? (what the hell...???)... I know you don't want to go.'

J: "Yeah, I don't want to go"

Me: "Yeah, you really don't want to go to the place..."

J: "Ughhhh" disgruntled sigh, as he slumps out of his chair and ambles over to the school basket and begins to rifle through his papers, turning his head to glance my way to see if I'm watching"

How is he going to find the place in his basket of papers...???

Me: "Mommy, do you know the place Jack doesn't want to go to?"

Käri lists off a couple of places and then mentions summer school.

Ah ha, the light bulb blinks on

Me: "Jack, is it summerschool?"

J: "YEEEES", exasperated sigh as he shuffles off to the living room and throws himself into the couch in the living room.

I invite him back to the table and we chat about the possibility of summer school and that it will be at the same campus and his kindergarten teacher will be his summer school teacher... and it ends with

J: Blank stare


Tracey said...

Ah. THAT place. He had me confused for a bit. The words Summer and School just shouldn't go together. I feel for you, kiddo.

Steph said...

Jeez, ma. Don'cha know what blank stare means?? What the hell happened to your psychic connection??

Elizabeth said...

geez louise! I bet you were thinking there was some horrid secret room at school, weren't you? thank goodness he just meant summer school!

Jean Ann said...

My partner and I just had our niece and nephew move in with us...being first time parents, those kind of things happen to us all of the time...jeesh!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the blank stare is part of the reason why he needs summer school...