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May 15, 2008

California Says Yes!


California says lesbians and gays can get married...again.

Unfortunately, it has no effect on our marriage of four years ago, which was annulled.

Unmarried parents of eight children, preparing to celebrate our 20th (holy shit, our 20th) anniversary in October.

Perhaps we should do it again- get married that is- and make our family legal, again.


gretel said...

Shocking that we haven't settled on this, worldwide. Such a simple human right. Sigh. Best wishes with your deliberations. Many of the near and dear queers in my life have chosen to marry...and others not. 20 years. Wow. Congratulations on your fabulous relationship and family. You are blessed with so much loooove.

blahblahblah said...

I think you should do it. What the hell?

yay! I pink puffy heart you and Kari and gang.

Eos said...

Wow..20 year...congratulations! Personal decision of course but I wanted to jokingly say "make it official and stop living in sin" (which is funnier considering I'm an Angostic!).

I was very happy about this and hoping it sticks!

Anonymous said...

Reading your post just made me smile :) Annulled! HA! I just don't believe it :) Have a wonderful life - your family is so beautiful, I can't hard stand it.

PS - I hope the kids are all feeling well :)

MommyNay said...

Yah I dunno I thought ah shit we have to get married now after 10years? Bah. It'll just be annulled anyway after the folks vote in Nov. I know Im so negative its just annoying and I see so many people crying on the news and kissing and being happy and Im like--hello lets not forget the people must vote on this and the truth is the NO was more than 61% last time. who knows anything can happen I guess.

Tracey said...

First, 20 years!! Whooottt!! Congrats to you both.

Second, I think it's a plot and ploy by the wedding consultants and banquet halls... the whole wedding INDUSTRY, to get you to redo the parties. Truly. That's what it is. I mean, what ELSE could be the reason to keep a couple that IS married in every sense other than the "legal" one unacknowledged?

But, at least it's another step in the right direction, right? Even if it's just one state and even if they change it AGAIN...

I can't imagine how frustrating that must be.

Grace. said...

Personally, I think you should get married--AGAIN! It's probably time for a couple of new toasters, isn't it?

You can't follow my example--I never bothered to get married even once!

gwendomama said...

personally, i don't believe in marriage as a necessary means to a union, but in your case....i would totaly take advantage of that...it's just a teeny tiny little way to stick it to the man.

jill said...

20 years...congratulations!!

First time visit to your blog and I just have to say...8 kids! Wow!

Mocha said...

Way to go on the 20th! And on the precious family you have both created. It's incredible, marriage or not.

But I hope you do it anyway.